Four Leaf Clover?

Looking for some luck when completing offers on a GPT site? Then, check out CloverGPT and earn through their bonuses and loyalty rewards program, in addition to your earnings by completing offers.

Searching for Treasure

Treasure Trooper wants you to make money. Join today and start completing tasks on your way to finding the buried treasure. You can even hatch dragons to battle with, breed, or just sell in the interim for more earnings. The treasure hunt and dragon games make Treasure Trooper a fun GPT for everyone.

I Shall Call You Squishy

SquishyCash wants to reward you for working hard on their site. Why else would they provide you with additional winnings to go with your monthly earnings? Plus a small token of appreciation for logging in!

Shop till You Drop

With Points2Shop you can continue to earn points to redeem free stuff on Amazon. Is anything better than free? You could make holiday shopping a potential breeze with Points2Shop.

Earn Through Emails

Looking to earn money through websites that not only have offers, surveys, videos, and more, but offer paid emails? Look no further than SendEarnings and InboxDollars who have their business model based on paid emails.

Gift Cards with Swagger

Using SwagBucks to earn towards gift cards and more allows you to get swag via SwagBucks. It is important to note availability of items may vary.

UK Sites

The following three websites are based out of the UK: Gifts.Kudosnetwork Mobiles.FreebieJeebies Gadgets.FreebieJeebies Their systems focus primarily on referrals. You join, complete an offer [likely a trial offer], and once it approves you can invite referrals and choose a prize to receive. Once you have the matching number of referrals who completed an offer you…

Cash Crate Info Posted

Cash Crate is an old and respected GPT site. Don’t be scared off by the $20 cashout threshold; as Cash Crate has paid on time every time.